The ngage website has been designed to help you to become more involved in opportunities to influence local decisions and play a more active role in Thurrock through volunteering, timebanking and active citizenship opportunities.

Volunteer Centre Thurrock can assist local people in finding a volunteering role with either local or national organisations. We can also support organisations in finding volunteers, so visit our website and click on the Volunteer Centre tab to find out more.
Timebanking is a great way to be part of the community and to offer your skills or spare time to help other people and to choose help that you would like in return. For example, a Time Bank member may help with clearing someones garden, and in return, could get help with a DIY project from a different Time Bank member. Each person decides what they can offer and everyones time is equal. So one hour of your time is equal to one hour of someones time. It does not matter what you choose to exchange.                                
 Thurrock Youth Volunteer project can help young people aged between 16 - 24 years of age to find volunteer opportunities which can enhance their CV and help them to build confidence. Volunteering can be a means to gaining a reference or vital experience, increase job prospects or further education. If you are aged between 16 and 24 or know someone who would benefit from volunteering,  please contact the volunteer centre on         01375 389 853 or email:

   WW1 Memories Project

With the help of volunteers, Ngage Thurrock, a project of Thurrock CVS, compiled a collection of stories reflecting the experience of people living or working in Thurrock during the time of the Great War. 

The stories are part of a WW1 Memories Project to help to remember local people, some who may have lost their lives or suffered as a casualty of WW1. It was commissioned by the World War One Commemorative Group at Thurrock Council.

The project has been supported by a number of volunteers who have enjoyed hearing about the people within the stories and meeting the family members who have shared their memories, photos and treasured souvenirs.

The project has been promoted through attending local community hubs, events and presentations at community groups have generated many of the stories as well as sheltered housing and other promotional opportunities.  

We have worked with a number of partners including Ensign Bus and Thurrock Heritage, who have helped with promoting and assisting with the project. 

We would like to thank the families who have shared their treasured memories and stories with us and the volunteers for their time and commitment and the enthusiasm and passion to the project. To view the stories online, visit Stronger Together at   


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