By becoming an active citizen you have the opportunity to be involved in shaping the future of Thurrock.

What is involved?
An active citizen is someone who takes an active role in the community. This can be by having your say in local decision making opportunities or by just being a good neighbour.

What can I do?
There are so many different types of active citizen roles such as lending a hand to a neighbour, filling in a survey about public services, taking part in a consultation to change something in your area.

Here are some examples:


Community Forums
Forums are voluntary, non-political groups run by local people, and will provide the opportunity for you to raise your concerns, influence decisions and improve the local community.  For more information click on the link.

Focus Groups
Focus groups bring different people together that share a common interest in a similar service area for example:Tenant issues (sheltered housing / leaseholders and more)Waste Bus,Train and Cycle use and access.Focus groups can help to identify service needs and shape policy.These are facilitated by Council officers at the convenience of interested members of the public. For more information on Focus Groups in Thurrock email  or telephone 01375413954

Why not become a volunteer and give your time freely to benefit groups and organisations.  It makes a huge difference to the lives of thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds. For more information click on the link or email
Voluntary sector organisation
Many local charitable organisations are keen to involve local residents with an interest in their service area (for example, older people, disabilities, black and ethnic minority groups).  Voluntary sector organisations often advocate on the behalf of their member base and may provide support and networking opportunities for residents with an interest in a specific area.  Contact Council for Voluntary Services on 01375 389881 for more information click on the link.

The Senior Citizens Organisation of Thurrock  known as S.C.O.O.T Club meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm at Tilbury Community Association in Civic Square where speakers, entertainers, dances, outings and friendships are joined by Over 60s  New members are welcome and we would love to hear from you on 01375 381500.

Public Consultations
Consultations can offer you the chance to voice your opinion, and help you to contribute at the various stages of the planning, design and delivery of services.  You can sign up to receive consultation alerts from Thurrock Council.For more information click on the link

Scouting/Guiding activities
Can have a huge impact on the lives of young people and through getting involved you can influence the decisions and activities that the younger people of Thurrock enjoy.For more information click on the link.

Setting up a Community Group
Would you like to come together with some like-minded people and set up a community group? There may be a concern about local safety in the area or lack of facilities for youth.  Thurrock CVS is a local infrastructure group who offer support with constitutions and polices. Email: more information click on the link.

CSV Supported Volunteering Scheme
This scheme enables people with learning disabilities the opportunity to become volunteers in their community. For more information click on the link.

Housing panels
These are groups that come together to influence different aspects of housing, such as rent etc.  For more information click on the link.

Housing Surgeries
Thurrock Council estate officers hold weekly housing surgeries supported by other council departments and agencies, offering a specialist service to their residents. For more information click on the link.

Residents Steering Group
Seabrooke Rise has a residents Steering Group who meet once a month. The Steering Group comprises of both tenants and leaseholders who volunteer their time to discuss improvements to the estate.Agenda items in the past have included estate parking, anti-social behaviour and caretaking. It’s a great opportunity to keep in the know about what’s happening on your estate. All Seabrooke Rise and High Rise residents are welcome to attend.If you would like to get involved in the work of the Steering Group or attend a future meeting please contact Emma Heath on 01375 652652 or The next meeting will be held at the Civic Offices on Thursday 12th March, 6pm -7.30pm in Committee Room 3.

My Account
You are able to report enviromental problems, check you council tax account, check benefit payments and dates, Sign up for email news and updates, apply for housing or school administrations. You are able to manage so many services at My Account.  For more information click on the link.


Excellence Panel  
The Excellence Panel is responsible for working towards the best possible standards of housing service to all council tenants in Thurrock. It helps asses the housing service and where it can be improved.Agenda items in the past have included rent review, housing strategy and the transforming homes programme. Being part of Excellence Panel is a great opportunity to help shape the future of your borough.If you would like to get involved in the work of the Excellence Panel or attend a future meeting please contact Emma Heath on 01375 652652 or
The next meeting will be held at the Civic Offices on Tuesday 3rd March, 2pm – 3.30pm in Committee Room 3.

The Big Local
Do you live in Grays Riverside area? How would you spend £1Million Pounds, come together with like minded residents in the Grays Riverside area to decide how to spend this money to make the maximum difference for everyone. Ring Jan Cole 01376574337 or email

Thurrock Libraries
Thurrock libraries are always looking for volunteers to help support staff, for more information click on the link.

Thurrock Over Fifties Forum (TOFF)
If you are aged 50 or over you are invited to join the Thurrock over Fifties Forum where there will be opportunities for older people to speak up and have their say about what’s working and what’s not in relation to older people’s services.  Regular meetings take place, contact the TOFF on 01375 412324 for more information.

Thurrocks over fifties residents have a new way of finding out what they can do and see in the area thanks to the launch of Gransnet.  Gransnet enables older people to access relevant information, voice opinions, influence local issues and make new friends both on and off line.  for more information click on the link.
Street bank is a giant tool box, garden shed, fancy dress chest, DVD collection, and skill-share all rolled into one. its things you can share with your neighbours. for more information click on the link.

Street life
Street life helps to build connected communities, its a free website where locals can exchange news, views, recommendations, skills and belongings. The more people who join street life the more useful it becomes. For more information click on the link.


Special Constabulary
Specials are unpaid volunteers who support the Police in improving the quality of communities, and perform duties in the community or at public events, for more information click on the link.


Police and Crime Commissoner
The Essex Police and Crime Commissoner wants to engage with the local community! you are able to have your say on priorities for Essex, attend meetings within you local area, get involved in volunteer opportunities and help to influence decisions. For more information click on the link.

Neighbourhood Watch
NHW combats and reduces local crime and disorder in a community.  It brings together individual home owners who can work together to reduce crime and increase community safety.For more information click on  the link

Thurrock Community Safety Partnership
To find out about crime rates and preventative measures being taken in your local area click on the link.  To raise an issue in your area email

Essex Community Messaging
Essex Community Messaging can help you keep informed about the kind of crime and policing issues which affect you. Signing up is free and you will receive accurate and up-to-date community safety information and crime prevention advice from Essex Police. For More information click on the link.


Take part in one of the free ACE training courses.  Develop and build on existing skills or learn new ones.  For more information click on the link.

School Governor, Trustee, Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
Take a lead role that is both challenging and rewarding by getting involved in how your local school is run and help make decisions in the interest of pupils, parents and the community. For more information click on the link

Thurrock Scouts
Do you have an interest in Community Development? Do you have a desire to see children become active citizens in their local community? Why not contact you local scout and guide group to help young people become stronger in their communities. For more information click on the link.

Parent to Parent Support
Would you be able to offer peer support to another parent/carer of a child with special education needs or disability?  Parent to parent is a unique parent peer support network to provide befriending to a parent of a child with special education needs and/or disability to empower them to play a full and active part in their childs education. Contact Parent peer support group on 01708 859692 or email

Own an allotment
Grow your own fruit & vegetables to help reduce your weekly shopping bill!  There are many allotment sites across Thurrock, for more information click the link.
Friends of Coalhouse Fort
Would you like to be involved in improving Coalhouse Fort Park?  The Friends of Coalhouse Fort Park will help to care for the Park and be involved with the Ranger in improving areas such as the parks appearance, facilities, conservation and safety.  If you want to be involved in improving the park, please contact the Park Ranger by visiting the information block at the entrance to Coalhouse Fort or email

Chafford Gorges Nature Park
Visitors will be able to get involved with various activities including volunteer work parties, guided walks and talks etc. and there are plenty of activities for local school children and college students.For more information click on the link.
Friends of Langdon Hills
Become part of a group of volunteers with their own constitution, insurance, equipment and machinery, all of which is used to help the Rangers manage and run events at the park and promote the Langdon Hills Country Park throughout the area.

Freecycle Member
You can become a free cycle member, being a member is all about reusing and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Each local group is run by volunteers. Membership is free.For more information click on the link.
Cleaning & Greening
You can be involved in decisions made about cleaning and greening in Thurrock.  In the first instance approach your local forum or housing group who will represent you and your issues at meetings.For more information on your local forum click on the link.
Community Clean-up Days
Are you keen to get involved in cleaning up your local area? ngage are able to help support you to be more active in your community,with clean-up days already taking place around Thurrock we are here to help support you. For more information email

Passionate about Hardie Park
Join a group of people who feel strongly about looking after this park, using it for family events and trying to attain green flag status.  Contact Rob Groves for further information 07803295374.

Become part of a local rambling group near you. Call the local representative on 01375 642785, or for more information click on the link.

Friends of Dilkes Park, South Ockendon
Litter is regularly picked and fly-tipping and vandalism reported to the Clean Street team at Thurrock Council, More helpers are always welcome.  For more information click on the link.
Friends of Ockendon Rec
If you wish to be part of The Friends of South Ockendon Rec group, or just want to make a comment on the Ockendon Recreation Park, For more information click on the link.
Improving your local park
Want to improve your local park? come together with like minded residents to set up a group "Friends of". You could make a real change to your local park.To register your interest information contact



Diabetes Uk
Is looking to work with people, living with diabetes in Thurrock to help improve the quality of diabetes healthcare in South West Essex. The charity is calling on local people affected by the condition to join its Diabetes Voices network of campaigners who work with the charity to help ensure everyone with the condition receives good quality care wherever they live. To find out about getting involved, contact or call 02074271008
There are two information packs to help improve support for children with type 1 diabetes in schools in Essex. The packs are available to order, For more information click on the link.


Coeliac UK
Campaigning is about creating change and making things better at Coeliac UK they work at a national level to achieve this, But they can’t do it on there own, with your help there voice is louder and has a greater impact. Whilst you might not see yourself as a campaigner, a small effort and a simple task could make you part of a national campaign. Just a little time given by a lot of people adds up to a national picture that creates change. For more information click on the link.

Health Forum - Thurrock Mind
Thurrock Mind host the Thurrock Mental Health Service User and Carer Forum, which aims to give people the opportunity to meet others and get involved in what is happening in mental health services. The forum will take place  every month at the Beehive west street Grays, for more details call 01375 391411, For more information click on the link.

Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital Member
Become a member of BTUH and be eligible to take part in surveys, consultations and questionnaires.  Attend special events and meetings and receive a member’s regular newsletter.  For more information click on the link.

Governors meeting
The public are invited to a meeting of Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Council Of Governors.  The Council is made up of 41 governors representing Thurrock, Basildon and Brentwood.  For more details on the meetings or becoming a Trust member call the membership office on 01268 598975

Mature Times
Mature times has always been well know for its campaigning, but they also encourage their readers to enjoy life and to keep in touch and involved with the issues that affect us all. For more information click on the link.

First Responder
With Community First Responders, volunteers are trained to attend emergency calls received by the ambulance service and provides care until the ambulance arrives.For more information click on the link.

Mencap support group
Mencap meet the 3rd Thursday of the month and would like to find people of all abilities to bring fresh ideas and to support Mencap with fundraising and events.  This is an opportunity to bring a fresh approach to the group. For more information contact Elaine at

Healthwatch is all about local voices being able to influence the delivery and design of local health services.For more information click on the link.

Parent supporter
You can offer support to parents by listening, helping to complete paperwork, attend meetings with them and encourage them to take part in their child’s development.For more information click on the link.

Vibrance exists to support vulnerable people to lead their lives as they wish and to challenge barriers that prevent individual choice and fulfilment.  They are always looking for people to get involved.  For more information click on the link.

Patients Partnership Group
Are you interested in health issues and would you like to influence how local services are provided.  If you answer yes then join your local patients partnership group to discuss ideas for the development of the group and other ideas you have about how you’d like to see the services develop and how patients might be involved.
If you are interested in one of the many Patient Participation Groups visit your local doctors to find more information

Stifford Clays Health Centre PPG Knitting Club
Sponsoring:London Hospital, Basildon Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital Neonatal Units. If you have an interese in knitting bonnets, beanie hats, mittens, booties, bassinette blankets and cardigans for three neonatal baby units then you can contact Vivenne Crouch on 07988849920

Thurrock Clinical Commissioning Group
There are many ways to get involved with Thurrock CCG; either by making a suggestion via our website, attending a local Patient Participation Group meeting or giving your feedback on a Public Consultation exercise in your community, to name a few. 


Voting in local and general elections
Voting offers you an opportunity to shape services and policies.  The more people that vote, the more representative both local councils and central government will be. If you require further information regardingregistration or elections, contact Thurrock Council Electoral Services on 01375 652816, For more information click on the link.



Housing Allocations Scheme (2015) will be available for you to view and comment between the following dates:Start date: 26/11/15 00:00-End date: 21/01/16 23:59

Please select the following link to view this event:


Influence building plans
Thurrock Council are responsible for deciding whether to give planning permission to anyone wanting to build or redevelop a building in the borough. The need for housing, shopping, employment and transport needs to be balanced whilst protecting the rights of local residents and businesses. Your comments can affect this decision, local people know their area best and have to live with the decisions the Council makes – so it’s important to get involved!  For  more information click on the link.

Lobby your MP
Lobbying is using your right to meet your MP as one of his or her constituents. You can do this either in your constituency or by visiting Parliament. Methods of lobbying vary and can range from sending letters, making presentations, providing briefing material to Members and organised rallies. For more information click on the link.

Contact your local councillor
Your local councillors can influence the decisions that affect Thurrock at council assembly meetings.  You can take part in this decision-making process by asking councillors to represent your views. To find your local councillor by clicking on the link. If you would like a Councillor to represent your views on a local issue to the Council, contact them with a personal letter or email.For more information click on the link.

Join a management committee/being a trustee/school governor/PTA
Effective community action needs people to take a lead role - and help is at hand! The ACE (Active Citizens Entitlement) Partnership can signpost you to free opportunities to gain new skills or brush up on old ones too. Contact ngage 01375 389853, or or 01375 413954.

Campaigns and petitions
There are a number of ways that you can get involved in influencing decisions, such as setting up a campaign, designing a petition, influencing building plans etc.For more information click on the link.

Become a magistrate
Magistrates sit on a Bench of three people with a Legal Advisor to hear criminal cases in the Magistrates’ Court.  You can apply on line by clicking the link.

Write to Them
Write to Them believe that contacting the people who represent you - from local council level to Parliament - is a basic Civic right. and yet a large proportion of UK Citizens are not aware that this right exists, or do not know how to access it.
Thats why they built WriteToThem - where all you have to do is input your postcode to find out who represents you at every level, all the way up to Europe. You can write them a message too. visit for more information.

Get Involved - GOV.UK
Find out how you can engage with government directly, and take part locally, nationally or internationally. You can also read policies about how government is increasing participation.
Respond to consultations You can give your views on new or changing government policies by responding to consultations. Government departments take these responses into consideration before making decisions. For more information click on the link.

Councillor Surgeries
Councillor Surgeries provide an opportunity for residents to meet their ward councillors in person to discuss local issues.  For more information click on the link.

Social Care In Thurrock 

Proposed changes to the way Social Care is provided in Thurrock will be available for you to view and comment between the following dates:Start date: 14/09/15 00:00

End date: 07/12/15 23:59 Please select the following link to view this event:



C2C – Have your say
Meet the Manager is an opportunity to meet senior managers and directors of c2c who are eager to hear your feedback regarding both local and company wide issues.

Cycle Forum
The Thurrock Cycle Forum meets regularly to discuss issues relating to the Thurrock cycle network. Local residents, cyclists, cycle clubs and charities discuss all areas of cycling and how best to work in partnership with the Council to deliver improvements. If you are interested in joining the Cycle Forum please contact Thurrock Council on 01375 652014.

Become a C2C Passenger Panel.
If you are a regular user of C2C services either for commuting, leisure or business travel?  Would you like the opportunity to give feedback about their services and help shape their proposals for improvements?  If so please visit the link.
You can use this site to contact any transport operator in the UK - They will send your messages direct to their customer services department. They put it online too.that way others can read your problems and offer support and advice.  For more information click on the link.


Playing Out
Playing Out is a not-for-profit information and advice resource for street play. They aim to increase childrens safe access to informal play in residential streets through: Directly supporting resident-led street play sessions; Running workshops for parents and residents; Coordinating a network of street organisers; Providing free resources and advice; Training play/community professionals; Communicating the benefits of street play, Working with policy-makers to enable street play. For more information click on  the link.


Thurrock Youth Cabinet
Thurrocks Youth Cabinet is an established body of young people whose aim is to better life for young people in Thurrock. Every elected member of the Youth Cabinet plays a significant role in making sure the young people they represent are involved in the decision making processes.

The Youth Cabinet recognises that the people who best understand the issues faced by young people are young people themselves.  For more information click on the link or contact Pat Kielty - Participation Officer Tel: 01375 652542
Inspiration Youth
Inspiration Youth Call was established in 2004 to support vulnerable young people from all walks of life, enabling them to develop socially and educationally and inspire them to achieve their individual goals. They are keen for people to get involved and offer a variety of opportunities. For more information click on the link.
Out and About
Out and about help kids to access mainstream activities all over Thurrock, they are always looking for people to get involved for short or long term support.  Full training is given.  For more information click on the link.
Thurrock Mums
Thurrock mums is intended as a forum to discuss issues relating to motherhood, to share experiences and support each other.  This results in Mums feeling less alone as sometimes they can feel very isolated.  Thurrock Mums is not a political forum, a place to argue or to compete.  It is a place to make new friends and help each other.  Heidi can be contacted via email at


  ngage, The Beehive, Grays, Essex, United Kingdom, RM17 6XP, T: 01375 389893, E: